Creative spaces. Carefully built.

If you can dream it, we can do it. Short and sweet and perhaps a little cocky but nevertheless true. Whether you are looking for someone to help you with your exhibitions, a profit-improving retail solution, a prestigious art and design project or a corporate make-over, you’ll find that Ambiente’s experience is matched by very few. We’ve been around since 1999 and while that in itself may not be a seal of approval, the many regular customers who trust us with their projects year after year is.

Creativity is at the very heart of everything we do. Give us a blank canvas and we’ll give you back an amazing space that will make you and your brand shine. Our experienced interior design- and architect team knows all about retail spaces and exhibition areas and effortlessly mix industry trends with their own original ideas or with ideas that you bring to the table. And they always do so with a commercial mindset because more than anything the creative space we dream up is meant to generate value for you.

What you’ll find though is that creativity is not something that’s confined to the interior designers and architects in Ambiente. Our skilled craftsmen can build virtually anything from scratch and turn even the craziest visions into reality – on location in exhibition halls and stores around the world or at home in our high-capacity workshop. Their craftsmanship is one of a kind and one of the reasons high-profile brands entrust us with their brand name again and again.

Take one look at our project overview and you’ll know that experience runs deep in Ambiente. Every year, we hand over close to 500 projects all over the world – which translates into 1-2 projects every single day. We know the ins and outs of local rules and regulations from Norway to China and what to do in one place and what not to do in another. We call that competence do-how. Because few things beat a toolbox packed with two decades of hands-on experience.

Imagine what we can do for you…

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