We Are Elevenate

Our Story

Some 6,000 ski days and 20 years in the Alps had shaped us. We had seen waist deep powder, free skiing competitions, big lines, coulouirs and IFMGA mountain guide exams. We had made friends and shared the beauty of great days with them. Experienced the exhilarating feeling of successful first descents. But we had also seen days we wished no one would ever experience. Avalanches, accidents. Good friends passing away on the mountain. Blue skies and big storms. And our passion for the mountains just grew stronger.

So, when we moved back to Åre, Sweden, we knew two things.

One: Damn, it feels good to be a skier.

Two: We wanted to make better skiwear.

This feeling had been growing for a while. We had designed clothing for other brands, but we wanted do it in our own way. No shortcuts. So, in 2010, we founded Elevenate. Designed in Åre, combining the free skier’s playful spirit with the mountain guide’s uncompromising attitude to equipment. Tested on the mountains on our doorsteps, with decades of skiing and curiosity going into every stitch and detail.

Once you get us going, we can talk for a long while about the attention we put into each and every garment. About the fit that we have put so much hard work into; obtaining the precise cut for maximum movability and protection, but no excess fabric. About critical seams – some exposed to extremely high stress – are folded, glued and sewn for extra durability. We never compromise when creating garments for long-term use in the mountains, whether this relates to the design process, the choice of materials, or production.

Functionality is in our DNA.

We want Elevenate garments to last for a very, very long time. We want them to feel like your second skin, dependable and protective when nature shows its harsh side, and infinitely comfortable to ski in. We want them to give you the opportunity to discover all the mountain, and we want you to look good doing it. Because, in our world, that matters too.

Simply put: we make the skiwear that we want to wear ourselves. And we make it for our friends and everyone who shares our passion for snow and mountains.

Sara Rönngren, former competitive free skier, designer and founder of Elevenate.

Jimmy Odén, IFMGA mountain guide and founder of Elevenate.

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