A flower vase is a beautiful part of the décor, simply as is or filled with floral splendour. Our glass vases and iron vases come in various styles and trendy shapes to match different kinds of flowers and arrangements. Everything from large and tall vases for a fuller bouquet of flowers to small vases that are perfect for a single stem. We have test-tube vases allowing each flower its solitary space, and vases with lids with a hole for each stem. Use vases on stands to create intriguing levels of plants or if you simply want to construct a still life. Mix vases and cloches made of coloured glass that reflect the light beautifully. If you have an empty wall, you can fill it with wall vases of different shapes and sizes to create a living, eye-catching feature. Small vases that can be hung on hooks or thicker branches are particularly pretty for festive occasions such as weddings and birthday celebrations.