Brafab - genuine love for outdoor furniture

Brafab started as a small family business in the 1930s. At that time, the focus was on manufacturing and sales of baskets, wooden spoons and ladders. Since then, the company has grown and Brafab is now one of the largest suppliers of outdoor furniture in northern Europe. The family spirit of the company is large and we care about all our stakeholders; customers, suppliers, employees and not least our competent resellers. Over the years, we have maintained a corporate spirit where everything is possible, and it continues to drive us and the development forward.

Brafab moments - share those special moments 

We want to share our enthusiasm about the possibilities of spending time outdoors and also share our expertise when it comes to color, shape, what you can think of and different ways to decorate and furnish your outdoor environment. Nothing is right or wrong, with a great dose of inspiration and creative joy we say: dare to try! In short, we want to inspire to the moments of life where you want to share those special ones. And be able to attract to a wonderful outdoor life with the help of Brafab's quality and durable outdoor furniture.

Brafab - well-thought-out style, function and quality

When you buy outdoor furniture from Brafab, you will notice that we have thought through both shape and function carefully. Our outdoor furniture should add something special to you and your outdoor environment and should feel like a natural part of your outdoor environment. Our furniture endures being used, sitting in and looking at. You can feel safe when choosing outdoor furniture from Brafab and you can feel proud when you invite friends and acquaintances home. If you just want to relax in your quiet corner of the garden without being disturbed, you can feel at ease in doing so in a Brafab piece of furniture. Should something unexpectedly break or wear out, we have spare parts for most of our outdoor furniture, so you can enjoy your outdoor furniture for an even longer time. 

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