Smart and stylish storage for your hallway

The new year will soon be on our doorstep, full of new possibilities. We can help you inspire your customers to create a smart and stylishly organised hallway, or why not do up your own staffroom? Check out our tips on how simple and neat solutions bring a new feel to the room.

Wonderful winter table settings

Be inspired to decorate your dining table this Christmas and New Year. Here are our tips for details that quickly create a festive feeling.

Christmas inspiration for your store

Get inspired by our ideas and transform your store ahead of the darkest, but most festive , of seasons. Light some candles and create new variations of the advent candle holder, display beautifully folded napkins, make wreaths and go sustainable in gift wrapping. Mix and match what you already have in the range with your new seasonal stocks.

Cool pots and unique urns

We have boosted our assortment with several new series of pots. Each one has a unique appearance, and the models vary in shape and size as well as in colour and structure. This vast assortment means you can compose the perfect personal mix for your customers.

Candles in different combinations of colours

Inspire your customers by mixing candles in different combinations of colours. Perfect as a gift, or if you simply want to stock up on candles at home. Blend a mix of your own favourite colours together, or try out one of our suggested combinations.